Thursday, June 9, 2011

Acne the skin disease

Face is the very important part of a man. But often unwanted matters like acne harm face. Every one knows self help is the best help. Home remedies for acne is one kind of self help. Home remedies for acne is much better than any other remedies in the sense that it is totally free from side effects, will cost a little and will provide the best result. So, home remedies for acne is the best solution to prevent acne.   

Acne's View
Taking sufficient amount of water is one of the most important points in home remedies for acne. If anyone doesn’t takes sufficient amount of water every day, then the bowel system of that person will be hampered which will create unusual activities in the body and these will indirectly increase the acne problem. So, if anyone wants to take home remedies for acne as his acne solution, he must take 2 liters of water a day to keep his bowel system clean and his acne problems will be reduced at the same
Sufficient sleep is also another important part of home remedies for acne. One should have to keep his/her mental stress to a minimum position, because, from mental trouble the acne problem may heed to a severe position. So, sufficient rest and sleep is required to keep a control over the problem. Besides healthy diet sufficient sleep is a vital part of home remedies for acne, which will cost nothing but, help to prevent acne and keep body and mind sound at the same time.

Cleanliness is one of the major conditions of good health and also plays an important role in the home remedies for acne. Acne can be caused even from the germs in pillows. So, ‘stay clean’ can be a good suggestion while you are willing to take the home remedies for acne. To wash hands before or after taking foods, wash hands after toilet, washing face with mild soaps or, face wash to clean oil from the upper surface of the face are some of the steps you have to follow in home remedies for acne. Person who has acne in face and has oily skin have to wash his face with the mild soaps in a regular basis, because, the cover of oil on the skin  surface is very much harmful and it prevents the normal disposal of the waste hormones through the skin pores which is another major cause for acne. So, if anyone tries home remedies for acne, he must take care about cleanliness.   

The major step to take in the home remedies for acne is the herbal care. From very beginning of the civilization while medicines were rare, people use herbal products for the remedy of any disease. In the modern times the importance of herbal care don’t reduced but increased because, herbal products has not any side effects at all. So, herbal products are used in a huge amount in the home remedies for acne.

Neem leaves
Applying turmeric powder, coriander juice and mint juice pest in the acne affected area is one of the most effective home remedies for acne. This paste should be used before going to bed. Fresh fenugreek paste from fenugreek leaves is another home remedy for acne, though it is not available in every region. Sliced Cucumber is a well known home remedy for acne from the ancient times. A good natural treatment for home remedy for acne is the combination of fermented apple juice and vinegar. Another home remedy for acne is to use the Thyme, Echinacea and Aloe Vera juice.

Neem Leaf
Home remedies for acne also includes the remedy from the scars originated from acne. Sandal wood is one of the best home remedies for acne spots. Before using sandal wood, it is preferable to use rosewater first. Applying crushed Neem (available in Bangladesh) leaves around the affected areas will also prevent the spots and is a great home remedy for acne scars.                  

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