Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mobile Phone, Cell Phone

Before of the civilization people used Letter ,Telegram etc. to communicate or men themselves on feet. It was very difficult to communicate for mass media.

But for own necessary ,men have developed his thought. They try to develop  the communication sector. From this, communication sector has been developed day by day. The result is "Mobile Phone".

Mobile phone is the first wireless electronic device by which people can easily communicate to each other from one place to another in long distance. People now-a-days say it "Cell Phone" or "Hand phone". Varying with time It has two types, Non-multimedia and Multimedia mobile phone. In Non-multimedia mobile phone, it is used to make call and receive call and other small function. But on the other hand, in multimedia mobile phone has huge function. Generally a Multimedia phone has a color display ,camera ,web facilities ,etc. Day by day it has developed, it still continue . . .


In 1973 Dr. Martin Cooper demonstrated first Mobile phone. The first commercially First Generation cell-phone was launched in Japan by NTT in 1979 and its network was 1st generation network which was in 1981. Then it spread out in  Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden. The first Digital Network Technology 2nd Generation was launched by Radiolinja in 1991 in Finland in GSM ( Global System for Mobile Communication). Third Generation (3G) was commercially launch in Japan in 2001 by NTT DoCoMo on the WCDMA. 3G network system is the high speed network system in 3rd World which based on Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS).

            There are many kinds of features are used in mobile phone. In world there many mobile phone companies. So every companies have individual features. But some extra features in mobile phone are used. The common features are shown below which are used mobile phone in every company:
Every user can make call.
They can easily receive call.
They can send any text information to others and also read his/her reply.
The basic components are:
For the function, every mobile has a power source named Battery which is rechargeable.
Keypad or touch-screen-keypad.
For network operation ,in mobile phone, a GSM or CDMA sim-card used.
Some mobile phone have camera to take Picture and Video . . etc.

In modern technological mobile phone has software facilities. So many soft-wares are used in mobile phone named ‘ Folder hider’ , ‘ Real player’ , any types antivirus and so on . . . A mobile user easily can enjoy the gaming facilities . . . A mobile user can Download any types of MP3,videos,pictures,ringtones etc. through using Internet. Now a days, in a mobile  phone, a user can use 2-SIM cards even of different types. Today our technology is going forward. As this results, they can use mobile phone as TV.

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