Saturday, June 4, 2011

United States of America,U.S.A or U.S

Flag of U.S.A
 The United States of America  also known as U.S, or U.S.A is a federal republic comprising federal district and 50 states..It is situated in North America and in central. The capital of United States is Washington D.C. Washington D.C is the district of Columbia which is the capital South Carolina(one state of U.S.A)
The area of U.S.A is 9.83 million square km and the people at least over 308 million.It is the fourth largest country all over the world. Because of immigration from many countries, multi_culture are exercised here. It is one of the most developed country all over the world.

Washington D.C
Let go back the history of America. America was discovered by Christopher Columbus(1492) who came from Europe. At that time the Europian colony was established in Florida and trough this, a relationship was established between Europian and American. So it is true that the indigenous people of American were came from Europe.

 4 July,1776 the independence day of America was declared by Thomas Jefferson.The American forces defeated British  Army with the help of French and sapnish. A storng government was Organized in 1987 .George Washington was the first president of USA and he took charge in 1789.In 1860 Abraham Lincoln(16th president of America ) was elected as American president who made antislavery Republican Party.At that time seven state was declared as slave state and state governed  by state government illegally.So the Party was very helpful for the slave state.In the first World War and the World War_II America had not any contribution but many American showed sympathy like British  and French.

Barack Obama
Now come back the present state of America .Standard democracy and constitutional republic is shown in America which is best example of democracy.The president of America is now Barack Obamataking the presidency in January 20 ,2009.He is the 44th president of America .

Accademic condition of USA is strongly based on science & technology  and very enriched.The top university were situated in this country among them MIT, Harvard ,Stanford ,CIT, Princeton,Yale,Duke,ETC.In advanced Engineering sector they  are developed rapidly.Many large industry were situated among them GENERALMOTORS, GENERALELECTRIC  COMPANY ,INTEL  and the chemical sector are very inriched.

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